Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023 – More than 18,000 people attended Billy Joel’s New Year’s Eve concert at the Barclays Center, setting a stadium attendance record.

“We were thrilled that so many people wanted to ring in the New Year at Billy Joel’s first New York show since 2006,” said Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark. “It’s a big deal in this city and we’re honored that New York legend Billy has chosen the Barclays Center for his incredible comeback. Billy told the crowd that this was his first time performing in Brooklyn when he was 17 years old, and that he It’s been an unforgettable experience and our goal is to continue to bring the best to Brooklyn and provide an unparalleled customer experience.”

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

The festival has also gained worldwide popularity. After the ball dropped in Times Square, Dick Clark performed Joel’s “You Might Be Right” on Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest from the Barclays Center.

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On a related note, Billy Joel rocked the Barclays Center and Phish played an impressive 4-night New Year’s Eve run in celebration of their 30th anniversary ( Read our review here ). Rumors circulated in the Phish community that Billy Joel (the original owner of Madison Square Garden) was upset that Phish was playing a New Year’s Eve concert, calling the Vermont band “a second-rate band.” Phish played a nine-song set over four nights with no repeats or covers. Lead singer Tom Marshall tweeted: “Phish, 4 nights of MSG, all originals, no repeats, put THIS bread in a piano case!”

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Phish, 4 nights of MSG, all originals, no repeats, put THIS pie on an open piano! — Tom Marshall (@TomMarshall111) December 31, 2013 With a full hour to go until Billy Joel’s New Year’s Eve show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, it’s time to pick one last song before the ball drops at midnight. Instead of killing the force with a huge blow, it continued until 1974.

And revive the darkness of “Souvenir”. – And your memory will turn into dust, – he said without accompanying many of his assistants. “But it’s the price you pay / Every year is a reminder / That slowly fades away.”

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Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Billy Joel To Play 100th Show At Madison Square Garden

Almost no one in the crowd knew the song, but they still listened to the sad, haunting song in eerie silence – or at least they were as silent as 20,000 drunken Billy Joel fans in the final minutes before midnight. New Year’s Eve. When he finished, Joel counted down the big minute for about 30 seconds before realizing his mistake and reversing it when he started counting again. Nobody cared. The whole place sang “Auld Lang Syne” and danced in the aisles as confetti rained down on the audience.

The party (Joel’s first New York show since 2006) started before 11:00. after the excitement brought together by the Ben Folds Five. Joel began work with Miami 2017 (Saw the lights go out on Broadway). This is a science fiction story set in 2017, when America has fallen into total chaos after the destruction of New York. When he wrote it nearly 40 years ago, he couldn’t have imagined that he would be singing on a hockey rink in Brooklyn three years earlier. But there he went ballistic, saying, “We had a concert in Brooklyn to see the Island Bridges get shot.”

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

When the song ended, Joel addressed the crowd. “This is the first time I’ve played in Brooklyn since I was 17,” he said. “I was in the Lost Souls in the mid-1960s. We used to play for these guys in Bay Ridge. They paid us very well, a lot of money. We got home and settled into the living room and everything looked like it came off the back of a truck. We chased their daughters. I had no idea who these people were! Then I saw

Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks To Rock The Linc In 2023

New York-themed songs followed with “New York State Mood,” but Joel put the hits aside to focus on lesser-known songs like “Where’s the Orchestra” and “All for Leina.” .” “Until the night” 1978

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Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

It clearly tested the audience’s patience, but Joel said he wasn’t interested in just playing the songs he heard on the radio every day. She hasn’t released a pop album in over 20 years, so busting out the Christie Brinkley tribute song Blonde Over Blue makes a lot of sense, even if it does cause some to scrutinize her own lyrics. get an email or a beer.

The live broadcast was supposed to start around 12:05, and Joel finished The Big Shot’s time before then, but ABC was behind the whole thing. “Did they change it?” – said Joel. – After two minutes? I can play another song!’ To kill time, he led the band with the 1974 instrumental “Root Beer Rag” before Greenlight. TV viewers hear “You Can Be Right,” and the final hour of the show is largely devoted to crowd-pleasers like “River of Dreams” and “The Italian Restaurant Show.”

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Billy Joel To Play New Era Field On Aug. 15

Brooklyn is technically part of Long Island, and legions of Joel fans filled every inch of the stadium. Chances are, no one will be happier to attend the event than Big Shot frontman Mike DelGidis for Billy Joel. In the film’s story, DelGuidice was hired a few months ago to play guitar and sing in Joel’s band. These two look and sound very similar and it was amazing to see them interact on stage.

It’s not like Joel needs much help in the singing department. His voice is very powerful and sounds like it belongs to the 1970s. Most of his peers are trying to be young, and their deep, deep voices show their real age. Joel has never tried to hide his age, but his vocal cords have hardened over time.

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

As always, the main set ended with The Piano Man. It’s easy to imagine that Joel would be happy not to sing anymore, but it’s hard to keep something that confuses 20,000 people. It starts with “We Didn’t Cut the Fire” and ends with “Still Rock and Roll on Me” and “Only the Good Dies Young.”

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Phish Announces 2022 New Year’s Eve Run At Madison Square Garden

As before, Joel knocked over the microphone stand during “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” and dropped it 10 feet. He is a great actor and this concert was a great way to start a busy year. He will be playing at Madison Square Garden once a month for the foreseeable future and will embark on his first solo tour since 2008. A year ago, he seemed to have retired, but something made him want to re-enter his profession.

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Mike DelGidis is hitting the road, but less than 24 hours after stepping backstage at Barclays Center, he’s playing in Times Square with Billy Joel’s band at the BB Kings Blues Club. Imagine playing The Piano Man twice in one day: once in an arena with Billy Joel and once in an underground club. 2014 is starting for someone. Copyright © 2023, Los Angeles Times Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell or share my personal information

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will bring their “best of” bill to Southern California for a joint show March 10 at Inglewood Stadium.

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

For The Longest Time: Billy Joel & Dennis Arfa’s Record Setting 100th Madison Square Garden Performance

According to a release from the stadium Thursday, “The one-night stand will mark the first time the two have performed on the same stage in Los Angeles.”

The joint statement from The Piano Man and Gold Dust Woman came hours after they announced on Wednesday, April 8 that they would be playing a one-night show together in Arlington, Texas.

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Ahead of the release of a solo concert film, Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks looks back at Lindsey Buckingham and ’70s romance.

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“Excited to follow the great @billyjoel in 2023,” Knicks posted on social media Wednesday, including the time and date for tickets to the AT&T Stadium show. “Coming soon!”

Billy Joel New Years Eve 2023

Joel’s team promoted the show as “Two Signs, One Night” and posted the same message that killed Nicks’ excitement. The session is scheduled

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