Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023 – The giant cryptocurrency exchange, which went public on April 14 via a live listing, reported its first earnings as a public company on Thursday night. However, some of the mystery surrounding these numbers was lifted when the company released preliminary numbers for the first quarter ahead of its listing. (These results, as it happens, are very strong, with profits up to $800 million.)

Mark Palmer, an analyst at BTIG Investments, who has a $500 price target on Coinbase (vs. $260 currently), said: “I think the only question here is how well the company can sustain the strength that it has in the season. First has it shown to hold?” Another thing to watch out for, he said, was confirmation of strong trading volume in April.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

But since the much-anticipated IPO in April, the stock has underperformed. Shares fell about 20 percent in early trading early Thursday afternoon. Bitcoin has fallen since the highly influential Elon Musk announced on Friday that Tesla, the institutional owner of Bitcoin, will not allow customers to pay for cars with Bitcoin due to concerns about Bitcoin’s huge carbon footprint.

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According to experts, Coinbase’s stock movements are largely linked to the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, a dynamic that can be a feature of the stock.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

But analysts expect to see healthy numbers from Coinbase’s first-quarter report after the closing bell, with the Street reporting $1.8 billion in revenue and $3.28 billion in net earnings per share, according to S&P Global.

Palmer believes Coinbase needs to address two key issues in its revenue stream to ease the jitters about Coinbase stock (and provide a better picture of the company’s future plans): the growing trajectory of its institutional business; . It provides brokerage services to institutional clients and is concerned with reducing the transaction costs it incurs.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

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He believes Wall Street is deeply concerned about the possibility that transaction fees, a large part of Coinbase’s revenue, will drop amid competition — at least soon. He said that “eventually there will be some [tax pressure] over time … the impact could be mitigated by the growth that companies can see in the enterprise platform, which has been underestimated by many analysts.” has been.” Palmer notes that institutional business, available to companies such as hedge funds and asset managers, could be part of Coinbase’s long-term revenue.

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“If they address those two issues and can provide a better understanding of what brings them together and how they’re likely to play out, we believe the stock should do well after the call,” Palmer said.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

But others are not optimistic. “In our view, no earnings report will be strong enough to convince investors that the company will exceed its impressive earnings expectations at current prices,” David Trainor, CEO of investment research firm New Construct, wrote on Tuesday. . Note, however, that there have been enough concerns about the company’s value, and concerns on the Street (and for Trainor) about how declining demand for hard coins like Bitcoin could affect the industry.

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In addition, Trainor suggested that while Coinbase could blow analysts out of the water with a report, “Coinbase’s earnings are now stronger and more attractive. The market is quickly looking for bigger competitors with other resources.” He predicted that Coinbase could even drop $100. per share

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

But bulls like BTIG’s Palmer won’t be deterred: “Just by releasing the institutional platform and core brokerage business, Coinbase can change the narrative very quickly,” he said.

Our mission to improve business is supported by readers like you. Subscribe today to enjoy unlimited access to journalism. To help you find some of these coins, we have listed the best coins coming to Coinbase soon.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

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Coinbase is one of the most famous digital currency exchanges in the world and the largest exchange in the United States. Therefore, investing in crypto projects that can be listed on Coinbase can help you get good returns. Coinbase’s new listing could create a lot of momentum around the crypto project, leading to a skyrocketing popularity and token price. It is better to invest in new projects and increase their value before offering them on the main stock exchange.

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But the important thing is to understand which projects have the potential to be listed on Coinbase and which projects to invest in in 2022. Through this guide, we have identified the best coins that we recommend for introductions that tend to be listed on Coinbase. This list includes the most popular and promising projects of the past year.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Our experts have thoroughly researched the market to find the best Coinbase listings. We have also listed the major tokens that are currently available for purchase on Coinbase or via the Coinbase wallet. Before you dive in, check out our coin list with a brief explanation.

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In addition to the detailed review of each new and upcoming Coinbase listing above, we also cover the steps on how to buy coins listed on Coinbase and the benefits of investing in them.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

All the coins in our recommended list are not only used for trading and benefiting from price changes, but also have application problems in the ecosystem. They offer various DeFi projects related to different sectors of the blockchain industry. Now that you know each person and the projects they’re involved in, let’s dig into each one and find out what unique features and problems they’re working on.

FightOut is the newest project in the move-to-monetize, or M2E, space, a popular variation on the game-to-monet theme, and is currently one of the most promising cryptocurrency assets online, and is likely to attract attention. Major cryptocurrency exchanges 2023.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

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Unlike crypto games where players earn while playing crypto, moving toward a career involves exercising in some form, whether it’s walking, jogging, or dancing a few steps a day. Many new crypto projects have been accepted to the Coinbase listing in this section, such as STEPN (GMT), also known as the Green Metaverse Token, and another reward token from the same program, the Green Satoshi Token (GST).

The ERC-20 FightOut token (FGHT) aims to be one of Coinbase’s new listings in the space and recently launched a token sale in early December 2022, a flash sale with a private sale that started on December 3rd and is ongoing now. . Public sale that started on December 14.

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Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Search the FightOut white page on the official site in the link below, follow the official Twitter and be a member of the international community Telegram group (

Coinbase Listing Is A Lament For Some Bitcoin Believers

At the current price level 1 USDT = 60.06 FGHT, which is one of the lowest prices that early investors can buy on cryptocurrency exchanges before launch.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Dash 2 Trade is a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency analysis and trading tools that has gained attention. The team has secured the project with an initial investment of more than $18 million in four pre-sales phases. The project was originally supposed to go through nine pre-sale stages, but the team decided to lower the market cap and launch the coin earlier.

More than 73% of the planned tokens for Phase 4 have been sold, raising $10 million of the planned $13 million. As this is the last phase of the Dash 2 Trade presale, there will not be an opportunity to buy tokens at a low price. Currently, the coin price is $0.0553 and only 70,000 D2T tokens are still available for purchase during the presale.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Best New Cryptos On Coinbase To Be Announced In 2022

It has been officially announced that Dash 2 Trade will be listed on 2 popular crypto exchanges – Bitmart and LBank – after becoming official. But the team is considering applying for listing on other exchanges, and Coinbase may be one of the exchanges that will list Dash 2 tokens in the future.

The Dash 2 trade show is also about the exciting tools and platform that the project plans to launch in 2023. D2T will be the main token of this platform and will provide access to the features of this crypto analysis platform. There are several tools that help traders stay on top of the market and build a solid trading strategy.

Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

Dash 2 Trade trading tool helps users to update the best buy and sell signals and understand the latest pre-sales and listings of new cryptocurrencies in one centralized exchange. The next interesting tool is the Social Awareness and On-Chain Analytics functions that help merchants get online and social data.

Coinbase’s New Asset Listing Process


Coinbase Listing New Coins 2023

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