Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023 – Happy New Year everyone! This week, we recap Disneyland Paris’ New Year’s Eve party + entertainment and product news from AP. Let’s go! New Year’s Eve Party at Disneyland Paris

The highlight of the week was of course the New Year’s Eve party at Disneyland Paris, let’s take a look at the whole event!

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

To everyone’s surprise, the event included many performances big and small at Disneyland Park, but the traditional meet and greet was completely absent. The gamble of the producers – did it work? We discuss at the end of the chapter.

Fireworks Confirmed To Welcome 2022 At Disney New Year’s Eve Party

A lot of equipment was brought to the park throughout the week, as was the Cowboy Kitchen patio.

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

This year the party used a wristband system, which is much better than setting up the park and keeping thousands of stressed out guests like cattle in Fantasy Gardens!

As the party gets going, from 6:30 p.m. Guest Stream groups filtered into the venue. It’s not a perfect system, but it generally works well and gives visitors a much better experience. Good work!

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

New Year’s Eve At Disneyland

One of the best shows of the night was Goofy’s Line Dance Party at Frontierland. With special guests like Country Meds and Clara Clack, the show was fun and dynamic, with a big stage and exceptional production value. I say show because, despite the name, it was not a dance party. It doesn’t affect the quality of the show, but less the atmosphere between shows. Since there was no meet and greet, everyone expected the characters to pose for a few photos after the show, but they didn’t.

At the town square, Minnie wasn’t sure what she wanted this year, but her Disney friends stopped by to help. The show featured DLP20’s Do You Believe in Magic, a classic Mary Poppins Medley, a Tiana number and a jazzy rendition of Eden Espinosa’s A Dream is a Wish.

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Overall, a strong and stimulating production. The stages helped the audience to see the performers, but not so much in terms of capacity or crowd. The city area is large, but when the show covers only 50%, it quickly fills up and creates congestion.

Disneyland Paris Reaches Milestone 30th Anniversary, Introduces New Products And Experiences For Guests Of All Ages

In the castle grounds, we returned to the classic shows at the Disney parks with the Royal Disney Ball. The royal family’s spectacular performance, including a rare appearance by Queen Anne at Disneyland Paris, was set in a stunning courtyard, enhanced by fantastic lighting for the occasion. Really great show!

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Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Here again, there were capacity issues, and if you weren’t in the front, you weren’t really getting the full experience. This is a problem when producing shows in areas that are not designed to produce shows of the same size and appeal. The party producers obviously have a good vision, but they forgot one thing: the number of tickets sold!

🥂 In Wonderland, Hook and Peter Pan fight in a small corner in front of a skull: pic.twitter.com/H9hDx9v91n — DLP Report (@) 2022 December 31

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

As Part Of The 30th Anniversary Celebration, The Magic Of Christmas Will Be Even Stronger At Disneyland Paris From November 12th, 2022 To January 8th, 2023

Adventureland hosted a variety of events, including a Neverland creation, the creation of Agrabah, and a Jive-inspired Jungle Book that we couldn’t catch. Of course, their details are not disclosed to avoid overcrowding in these tight spaces.

If it’s bad and a little inappropriate, you know it’s going to be at Videopolis, and this time was no exception! Mickey and the gang bring disco to a classic New Year’s Eve celebration with a fun mix of classic disco-inspired songs and party wear! Disney friends are just like us – they dance in the New Year to celebrate the good times. Thank you for that.

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Remember when New Year’s Eve had the longest parade? Not anymore. Ready for the night.. it was good. There were some rare characters like Baymax with a tricycle (poor Bay!), a floating dream… and Shining Shine and some classic cars with new D100 skins (more on that later). Maybe it was meant to be a fun kick to the night and in this case it did the job but not the parade. Attendees expecting this rather than other shows like Goofy’s Line Dance or the Royal Ball were in for a bit of a cheat.

A Complete Guide To Disney World New Year’s Eve Events

Disney will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023, and the first non-merchandising event at Disney Parks will feature the spectacular D100 show with adventures and characters. The show is expected to be a nightly pre-show later this year, possibly in October, but Disneyland Paris has not said anything about these D100 celebrations.

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Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

We noticed that the cars in the Ready for Night parade got D100 fairings, as did the roofless trikes – maybe that’s part of the future plans as well.

After the traditional countdown to midnight, Disneyland Paris has brought back a revamped production of the classic Wish Show, adding a production card for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (which, of course, didn’t exist back then!). It was great to see the show again and hear the buzz of the park to take it to 2023!

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Disney’s Wishes Returns For One Night Only • Disneytips.com

The classic Disneyland Paris champagne glass is sold in many places in a reusable plastic souvenir cup for €15. However, in reality, the discounts do not apply if you reuse the cup.

It was surprising that Disney did not disclose the details of these expensive restaurant meals. That’s because they’re a plain cheese, a “celebration dessert” (what if you don’t like it?) and a square pête, all for a lot more money. Look, I get that it’s New Year’s and all restaurants around the world are taking advantage of the holiday, but it’s a shame that the food team couldn’t come up with a special menu that at least tried to make it seem like it was worth the extra money.

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

Plaza Garden, as usual, had a cast of characters without special costumes. Only the price was special: 150 euros.

Magical Instagrammable Places At Disneyland Paris (2023)!

Overcrowding in many of the venues that weren’t designed for shows of this size detracted from the experience – could it be that many guests weren’t waiting in huge queues for the acts, so the shows were sold out? Also, with less entertainment on the parade route, Ready for the Night Parade, Nightmare… and Twinkle and Twinkle, and the additional Disney D-Light characters, we (as fans – I understand not everyone) were let down. seen many times in their normal versions and can be skipped.

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

OK: Spending New Years at Disneyland is pretty special. The entertainment team did well overall with shows like Goofy’s Line Dance Party, Royal Ball and Mickey’s Disco Party all great one off shows. With added D100 viewing and nostalgia with The Wishes, it was a night full of quality entertainment! Good luck to the cast and crew and see you in 2024. December!

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After a series of cryptic Instagram posts, it has been revealed that AP Parties will be returning on March 10th! Tickets are not on sale yet, but should be available soon.

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

New Year’s Eve 2023 In Paris And Île De France With Your Family And Kids

All of the trailers show the revival of the Disneyland Park Adventures concept, which was slated for 2020. in March and was unfortunately canceled for reasons we all know. More information should be available soon.

And Harington got a Minnie Loves Paris figurine. Looks like a brand new collection of Minnie/Paris merchandise has arrived at Epcot, but not Disneyland Paris. Get in shape!

Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

And this is our first report of the year! Thanks for reading, and here’s to more Disney dreams and adventures in 2023. Be sure to check back next week for everything happening at Disneyland Paris!

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Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

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Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2023

What’s Coming To Disneyland For The Disney100 Celebration?

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