New Bows For 2023

New Bows For 2023 – The ATLAS is custom built with long archers in mind, with a draw length of up to 34 inches and a forgiving height of 7 3/4 inches. It features our award-winning Crosscentric Cam technology. Patent-pending interchangeable weight modules offer maximum flexibility, allowing you to change the tip draw weight in 5-pound increments. 80% or 85% for more customization. Our new patented center wire retention system improves camera uptime while creating additional wine clearance. Engage the Grip interface, designed to ensure consistent hand placement, reduce torque and increase accuracy. Damping 3D EHS+ uses a damper to reduce post-shot vibration, giving long-range archers the ultimate shooting experience.

Equalizes the angle of the cables during the draw cycle for optimal cam timing while providing additional current clearance.

New Bows For 2023

New Bows For 2023

EHS+ is calibrated and tuned to the specific harmonics of the bow to control vibration and noise after the shot. The new wide stance also provides additional weight at full draw.

Mathews Phase4 33

When you fly the Atlas 2021, we already know how it will be. It was in the field for months and experienced hunting in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. He shot thousands of shots, hit many tags. See how it all unfolded at Prong Ground for Atlas 2021. Aaron Warburton, co-host of The Hunting Public, killed a Texas wild boar with a newly adopted bear compound.

New Bows For 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ve seen the online content produced by The Hunting Public. Several THP guys have started working as interns for Bullwink and the online Midwest Whitetail show, and the team is relatively small, with five hosts handling in-front and behind-the-camera duties. Similar to the Midwest Whitetail model, they add several interns to their staff each year to help with the filming and editing workload. They focus on hunting spring elk and fall whitetails.

To date, The Hunting Public has nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. Since joining YouTube in September 2017, he has posted more than 825 videos that have garnered a total of nearly 138 million views. In other words, they have a strong influence in the hunting community, especially among deer and turkey hunters who spend a lot of time on public land. I’ve featured his material on this website several times, including this article titled “Hunting Ethics: What Would You Do?”

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New Bows For 2023

Elite Archery Bangs The Gavel: The New Verdict Bow

In my opinion, one of the reasons Hunting Public is so popular is that their content is not product-oriented. Yes, they have a sponsor, but unlike many outdoor shows, the focus is on strategy, not selling gear. They don’t drive in pickup trucks and SUVs like any other NASCAR racer. They don’t have the latest and greatest in camo or rain gear. Often they camp in cheap tents to save money. You think.

One of Hunting Public’s main sponsors is Bear Archery, and the company just announced its new BearAdapt Solocam set for 2023. The guys at The Hunting Public K.I.S.S. But firmly believe. The principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) with all its baggage. They want a connection that’s easy to tune, smooth to pull, accurate, quiet, reliable, and great value.

New Bows For 2023

“First, we wanted the bow to be easy to tune,” said Aaron Warburton (pictured above), co-owner of The Hunting Public. “Gungunners like to shoot wide and arrow combinations, and the Adaptability is designed to be easy to set up with most of them. Second, the bow is accurate and forgiving to shoot. It’s required. Hunting conditions. We wanted the bow to be reliable. These two points in turn lead us to the name “Adaptability”. The adaptability is easily drawn with a strong back wall, making it perfect for unexpected hunting positions, such as crouching on the ground or hanging from the saddle. This bow is made for hunting. and that’s exactly what we want to do.”

Custom Side Plates For Mathews Bows 2019

The bear adapter measures 32 inches axle-to-axle and is 6.5 inches tall, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and allow shooting from awkward positions. The single-chamber design has an 80-percent boom and ships with an optional armrest for a rock-solid rear wall. The adapter offers a comfortable cycle and can adjust the draw length from 24 to 31 inches.

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New Bows For 2023

The 2023 Bear Adapt is available now at authorized Bear Archery dealers and is available as a bow-only option in 45-60 and 55-70 lb weights (320 fps IBO). Ready-to-hunt (RTH) options will be offered later this fall for those looking to add a trophy ridge sight, rest, stabilizer, quill, non-joint tube and D-ring to the bow. A bow-only version will be available in full sloth color, with Desert Tan and Fred Bear camo accents. Sales-ready models will be available in TrueTimber Strata, Throwback Tan, Veil Whitetail and Solid Olive.

Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed or approved by COLE Publishing, Inc. Share your thoughts or opinions Elite Archery is proud to release its latest bow option for archers for 2023. Meet the new Elite Omnia. The Elite team says it’s the perfect blend of shooting capabilities that elite shooters have discovered with added performance and speed for a shooting experience like never before.

New Bows For 2023

Bows Are A Big Fashion Trend For Fall 2022

This is the battle call for the Elite team for 2023 with the release of the Omnia Compound bow.

We had the opportunity to take the new Omnia out of the box for testing and time at the range to get a feel for its handling and shooting. Check it out below in our Elite Omnia Bow 2023 review, including photos, videos and specs.

New Bows For 2023

The Omnia has the classic look and feel you know from the Elite lineup. It looks great from top to bottom, with a balanced design that sits nicely on your lap, draws smooth and solid, and packs a really good punch with a handshake that can be rated anywhere between thin and slim. The company prides itself on the shooting ability of the bows it produces. This is not an exception.

Prime Archery Stability Built In » Prime Archery » Prime Bows 2023 Revex

Finish Options – Black, Brown, Cobalt, Copper Flame, KUIU Verde, Laguna Teal, OD Green, Pure White, Purple Rain, Real Wood Escape, Real Wood Edge, Silver Alloy, Sour Apple, Tan, Vanity

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New Bows For 2023

The Omnia allows the shooter to be compatible with the new SP-less camera system and not feel the same as before. The new camera features a small V2 adjustment that allows shooters to adjust the weight of the hold with a range of 70-90%.

Even better, the bow now allows for custom length adjustments with 1/4″ length adjustability. There are so many options and options in this camera and module.

New Bows For 2023

The Hottest New Bow Sights Of 2023

The wide limb design of this bow promotes better balance and full engagement. It is compactly sturdy at full draw without the vibration of other bows with a slim design. The result is a bow that allows you to quickly reach the target.

Omnia also features the popular SET Elite technology. Easy adjustment – precise – is what this system provides. This makes bow accuracy easier than ever, whether you’re doing your technical work at home or at an archery shop. The SET system allows you to achieve greater accuracy and flight of arrows quickly and efficiently with a minimum of adjustment and adjustment.

New Bows For 2023

We spent some time in the field to see how the Omnia performed in various shots below and through the chrono. To test real-world performance, we shot a 28-inch long, 70-pound bow at 408 grains. Here’s what we did while shooting Chrono.

Best Compound Bows Of 2023

The Omnia has all the great features elite shooters know and love, in a clean design that’s faster than ever.

New Bows For 2023

You can expect to find the Omnia with a price tag of $1199. Check it out at your local Elite dealer or online at

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New Bows For 2023

Bowfishing: The Complete Guide (updated 2023)

Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and editor. Brody and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of ​​West Tennessee. Here are the top 2023 models from Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, PSE, Elite, Prime and more.

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New Bows For 2023

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