New Kpop Groups 2023

New Kpop Groups 2023 – According to financial analysts, JYP Entertainment plans to launch four groups in 2023. Along with this news, the agency also updated the future plans for TWICE, Stray Kids, ITZY in 2022.

Eugene Investment & Securities announced this year’s JYP Entertainment Investment Award on March 22. During the topic, the analyst also hinted at the plans of JYP artists for 2022-2023.

New Kpop Groups 2023

New Kpop Groups 2023

“Next year, the rookie team will debut in Korea, China, Japan, and the United States. There will be a lot of rookies there.”

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Based on this news, JYP is finally going to introduce their new boy group in Korea. It consists of members of SBS “LOUD.”

New Kpop Groups 2023

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Especially from June to September 2021 J.Y. Park x Psy hosted a survival reality show to create two global boy groups. At the end of the show, JYP Entertainment formed a pre-debut team consisting of five members, including Yoon Min, Lee Gyehun, Amaru, Keiju, and Lee Donghyeon.

New Kpop Groups 2023

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Meanwhile, another boy group debuted in Japan after the success of NiziU. It will be a male version of a girl group.

The third team will then be launched in the United States and will be managed by their newly opened subsidiary JYP USA.

New Kpop Groups 2023

Finally, JYP’s Chinese trainee group Project C is also expected to debut in China next year. Currently, the group has six members, including Luo Yan, Victor, Xi Jie, Wen Jin, Yuan Hao, and Ze Xin.

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In addition, Eugene Investment & Securities indicated JYP Entertainment’s expansion in the United States through TWICE, Stray Kids and ITZY.

New Kpop Groups 2023

“Given TWICE’s ever-increasing contribution to North American sales through Republic Records, we expect significant results from full content distribution and marketing in the United States.

After TWICE’s US tour last month, Stray Kids are planning a seven-concert tour of the same country in the second half of the year.

New Kpop Groups 2023

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Finally, the investment company revealed that in addition to creating new groups, JYP will also expand its power through MD.

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“JYP Entertainment plans to expand its MD retail business by opening a mall in the first half of the year.” Is JYP Entertainment Following in HYBE’s Footsteps?

New Kpop Groups 2023

In line with the move, Meritz Securities claimed that JYP is trying to play a similar strategy to HYBE, the home of BTS, SEVENTEEN, the sea.

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“JYP’s strategy is similar to HYBE. It is similar in that it creates a lot of newcomers every year and tries to create a K-pop system in the United States. JYP360.”

New Kpop Groups 2023

“The HYBE method is a total sales method, and there is a disadvantage that recognized sales grow rapidly, but the company’s cost structure becomes more difficult. This method is interesting because it is a method that JYP thoroughly avoids. It is time to pay attention to new challenges.” READ: ‘BIG 4’ Q4 2021 Sales, Operating Profits: Between HYBE, SM, YG, JYP, Which Comes First? next year. With music, HYBE labels have a range of projects available, from artist comebacks to new debuts and world tours.

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New Kpop Groups 2023

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, &TEAM will finally perform on December 7th, 2023, and plans to showcase their collective talent to fans in Japan and beyond.

HYBE also shared that several of their artists will be releasing new music in the new year, including BIGHIT Music’s TXT with their fifth mini album coming out in January. ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ recently completed their first world tour, ACT: LOVESICK, which held concerts in various cities in North America and Asia.

New Kpop Groups 2023

Earlier this year, HYBE revealed that BTS will begin focusing on their individual music once the group begins their military service. RM is expected to release a solo album soon after Jin, who recently released his solo single ‘The Astronaut’, and j-hop, whose album Jack In The Box was released in July.

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The other members also have their own releases in 2023, with more details to be revealed soon.

New Kpop Groups 2023

For the new year, PLEDIS Entertainment has several releases planned for its artists, including MINHYUN’s (formerly NU’EST) solo debut and new albums by SEVENTEEN and fromis_9 in the first half of 2023. In addition, the label is currently also . plans to debut with a new boy group.

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ENHYPEN, who are currently on a world tour, will also release a new album. BELIFT LAB is also in the middle of debuting a new artist, which will be their second group after ENHYPEN.

New Kpop Groups 2023

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Earlier this year, ADOR’s NewJeans took the world by storm with a fresh new concept and music. The group is said to continue to focus on K-pop and world music with news and projects planned for the new year.

This year, in addition to NewJeans, HYBE also introduced LE SSERAFIM, which has been extremely popular since its first launch. To continue their growth and strengthen the connection with their fans, the band will embark on a world tour in North America and Asia in 2023. The lineup of k-pop boy groups to debut in 2023 has recently become a hot topic online and people are excited. Read on to find out which entertainment companies plan to launch new bands next year.

New Kpop Groups 2023

Twenty-two twenty-two (2022) is considered to be the year of K-pop girl groups, with many strong female rookie groups debuting in the music industry. In recent months, new bands like IVE, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, Kep1er and more have made their mark with their releases and dominated music charts around the world.

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There are only two months until 2023, and with the new year comes something new. New K-Pop boy groups are ready to debut in the K-Pop industry.

New Kpop Groups 2023

This year, major entertainment agencies have already announced their plans to launch new artists in 2023. Most labels are currently preparing to launch male idol groups in the coming year, raising the anticipation of K-pop fans.

One of these companies is SM Entertainment, which plans to introduce a new sub-unit of NCT, which is expected to consist of Sungchan, Shotaro, and SM’s new man ROKIJE.

New Kpop Groups 2023

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JYP Entertainment is also expected to launch male artists next year, such as a group consisting of trainees from the survival show ‘LOUD’ and new trainees, as well as a boy version of NiziU.

Also debuting in 2023 is a new K-pop boy group, Big Hit Music, home to BTS and TXT. The group will consist of trainee A members who are currently active on YouTube.

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New Kpop Groups 2023

Fantagio, which hosts ASTRO and Weki Meki, is also said to be preparing a new male idol group, and Noh Sung Chul, who previously competed in Mnet’s ‘I-LAND’, is rumored to be in the group.

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Male trainees under KQ Entertainment are also expected to perform next year. The trainees, collectively known as KQ Fellaz, were revealed last August.

New Kpop Groups 2023

Other entertainment companies planning to launch new K-pop boy groups in 2023 include PLEDIS Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, MNH Entertainment, and CJeS Entertainment.

In addition, Mnet’s survival show ‘Boy Planet’ is expected to air in 2023, which will also create a new group of male idols.

New Kpop Groups 2023

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With the thought of many new k-pop boy groups debuting in 2023, people can’t help but express their excitement. Below are some reactions from netizens:

“KQ trainees, I hope they succeed. “It’s going to be so much fun with new male idols debuting and existing boy groups coming back. “I am very much looking forward to the KOZ group.” “I think HYBE will start three groups next year. “I’m looking forward to the boy band Pledis.” “What about YG?” “Next year will be the year of boy bands.” “I’m looking forward to the boy band Pledis and Zico.” If 2022 was the year of girl groups, 2023 is expected to be the year of boy groups, with many new boy groups expected to debut.

New Kpop Groups 2023

The industry is already calling the upcoming new boy band “5.

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According to entertainment experts, in 2023, the four major entertainment companies (HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) have more rookie debut plans than ever before. About 10 idol groups from 4 major agencies are scheduled to debut in Korea, Japan, the United States, and China, including 7 boy groups.

New Kpop Groups 2023

Label HYBE plans to introduce new boy groups from its subsidiaries Pledis Entertainment and KOZ Entertainment. JYP Entertainment is launching a boy group selected through SBS audition program ‘Loud’, a Chinese group under Project C, and a boy version of popular girl group NiziU in Japan. SM Entertainment plans to debut NCT Tokyo and a new boy group. This

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