New Nail Polish Colors 2023

New Nail Polish Colors 2023 – If you purchase a product through a link in this article, we may receive a portion of the sale.

2022 is about to come to an end, which means a new year, an updated wardrobe, personal resolutions (which you may or may not keep) and some new vibes are in full swing. And speaking of 2023 nail polish color trends, here’s an expert opinion on what’s left over from last year and which hot new shades are slowly but surely starting to take off at midnight. Will appear after…

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Like most beauty and fashion spaces, trends ebb and flow together. Example? Just as everything gets Y2K, everything in more ways than one (think phones, micro-mini skirts, glitter, glitter in hair and trendy matte blue eye shadow), many of the current nail trends are pretty much all early 21st century. And as a millennial: I can’t say that I’m not completely immersed in the strange and inexplicable rebirth of my youth.

The 7 Best Nail Trends From The Spring 2023 Runways

From eye-catching textures that are taking over nail art (spoiler: chrome is *still* the it girl) to polish colors you’re sure to see pretty much everywhere in the coming months, here are 12 nail polish colors that should rule over you. until 2023.

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Tina Wang, owner of Lunula Salon in Brooklyn, says, “Many people, including those with weak nails or those who want to take a break from extensions, feel comfortable [and celebrate] with bare nails that resemble bare facial movements. Shiny and pearly. The shine is also a cool update to the super sheer coat.(And definitely co-opting Selena Gomez’s minimalist vibe).

For the luxurious dark man, Wang says the black nail polish is classic and “definitely modern for the ’90s revival.”

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

The Nail Colors That Will Be Seriously Trending In 2023

Experts confirm that shades of green are having their major makeup moment, and Elle Gerstein, celebrity manicurist who often works with Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan, admits that moss green nail polish is her favorite. for all.

Since Fall 2022, velvet nails have been seriously on the rise, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Gerstein shared that she relates to the trend because “we’re not one-dimensional.”

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New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Nail pros and overall trend expert Hemi Parks agrees that French nails are here to stay, but offers a few tips to kick up the vibes a bit. “French nails have always been a classic look, but now there are so many variations. Hairline French nails, or French baby nails, will continue to be a trend. A very thin sharp line at the tip of the nail adds personality, but with bright colors Or with a strong presence if you choose to use glitter .

Popular Nail Polish Colors For Every Month In 2023

According to Wang, shades of gray are the newest It-girl on the block. “Grey polishes with hints of blue and green are great because they serve as muted neutrals that go with everything,” she says.

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Both TikTok creators and dream girls (like Hailey Bieber) have recently shown an interest in red nails. why did you ask Well, according to the red nail theory, this could be the secret to finding true love… but you be the judge.

Want that rich girl à la JLO (and countless other girls right now)? Says Elle: “A clean look that highlights model-like, beautiful hands creates an ‘expensive’ nail vibe.” Wang shares a similar sentiment: “Neutral tones are understandably put together. Staying close to skin tone creates a clean camouflage that fits into today’s minimalist aesthetic.”

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

New P+ Gel Polish Colors A Party To Remember Winter 2023 Pack — Light Elegance

Chrome is *everywhere*, and Parks believes the trend will carry us through 2023. ,

Says Wang: “In 2023, the focus will be on earth colors, and earth tones are particularly hot. Brown is strong and sharp, but gives a very modern look.”

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

For those of you who consider yourself a maximalist, you are not alone. More and more, we’re seeing nail lovers experimenting with gems, pearls, and more when it comes to their mani (like this epic set with singer Ness Barrett).

Winter 2022 Manicure Trend: What Nail Polish Color To Choose? Find Out 10 Sublime Shades!

“With Viva Magenta being announced as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023, this shade is definitely trending,” says Gerstein. what does it represent? “Livelihood and Energy.”

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New Nail Polish Colors 2023

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New Nail Polish Colors 2023

The 11 Nail Trends That Will Be Everywhere, According To Experts

Although it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it’s never too early to start thinking about what your favorite shade will be this winter and beyond. Nail colors are set to be some of the most beautiful and exciting shades, especially from winter 2023.

There are plenty of options to play with and you’re sure to find the shade that suits you. Expect to stick to the classic cool hues of the season like blue, crimson, gold, silver and white. But you’ll also find some unexpected twists, like pastel metallics and more earthy blues and reds. Not to mention, the infamous glazed donut trend that broke TikTok looks like it’s here to stay for a long time.

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

With huge beauty sales this month (especially Black Friday), you can even score polishes or 10s on the discounts color experts are predicting for this season. Below, Chanel nail artist Bettina R. Goldstein, JinSoon founder and celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi, and ORLY teacher Ann Kao share their picks for the best winter nail polish colors. Scroll down to see the 12 shades you need to wear when it’s cold outside.

Nail Trends To Try This Winter, At Home Or At The Salon

Cao predicts that icy metallics, especially blue, will be in fashion this winter. “Everything has a super bright, spacey feel to it,” she says. “Light blue is especially suitable for winter.”

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Oldie but goodie metallics are Goldstein’s Winter 2023 colors to see trending across social feeds. “Silver, gold and chrome color variations are a great way to play with nail art without overdoing it,” she says. “[They’re also] easy to recreate at home.”

Choi predicts that the infamous shiny donut nails will continue to grow well into the winter. “The base color is chosen to match each individual undertone for a natural pearly look,” she says. “Many people prefer a soft look over a manicure, and an iridescent polish is the perfect way to get a glow without using glitter; The iridescent polish shines beautifully on its own for a minimalist look, or over vibrant colors for a dazzling finish.”

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New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Essie Unguilty Pleasures Spring 2023 Nail Polish Collection Reveal

When you think of metals, it’s natural to think of silver, gold, and bronze. But this winter, Kao says pastels like purple will also be the focus. “It’s really cool in the winter with a cool glow,” she adds.

Choi says earth colors will be big this winter. “[They] have a certain elegance that makes a statement without flashy patterns or trim,” she says. While earthy tones are also popular in fall, she says that in 2023, we’ll see earthy hues like russet reds.

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Goldstein recommends using a brown nail polish if you want to switch up the typical burgundy red color you usually get during the winter months. It’s still as cozy and warm, but gives you something more neutral. She and her clients love this Chanel polish, especially its deep brown shade with a glossy finish.

Winter 2023 Nail Color Collections

Winter white is one of the favorite winter colors for many, but Kao says it will be cleaner in 2023. “A pure milky white pops more than a simple pure [neutral],” she says. “It looks great on short, naturally shaped nails for a clean look.”

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Another clay color will be big in 2023, Choi says. Muted light blue is a soft winter shade that can complement any look.

When in doubt, use classic cherry red nail polish. “Red is always a great way to start the new year,” says Goldstein. “In many cultures it is said to bring good luck and success.”

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

Start 2023 Right With A Maniology Nail Subscription

Kao says to look for creamy midnight blues in the colder months. She recommends looking for navy blue in warm tones, as they tend to be more versatile.

Moody and romantic, Kao says dark black cherry tones

New Nail Polish Colors 2023

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