New Puma Shoes 2023

New Puma Shoes 2023 – Puma are apparently inactive until they disappear. And damn, he shows up in 2021 with an announcement that brings him back to the conversation. With a core range of Velocity Nitro, Deviate Nitro and Liberate Nitro, they offer a reliable shoe at a reasonable price.

The Supercritical Nitro midsole provides a responsive ride that implies the simple joy of running. And they don’t stop there, they work together to improve the model by version, fix things that don’t work, and keep what they do. Oh, and he also fitted Molly Seidel with her race day shoes (Deviate Nitro Elite) when she won bronze at the Tokyo Olympics.

New Puma Shoes 2023

New Puma Shoes 2023

That said, perhaps no company has struggled more than Puma during the Covid logistics crisis. For most of the year, the shoes were sold randomly, then disappeared. After Molly’s performance in Tokyo, the Deviate Nitro Elite was… nowhere. Long time. Then there’s the Fast-R, a next-generation racing car that’s currently on sale but will be available at some point.

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Although a bit disappointed, those who were put on these shoes were quite satisfied with the shoe experience. Light, comfortable, fast and possibly the best rubber sole in the game, the Puma has it all. It’s just a matter of keeping them rolling.

New Puma Shoes 2023

A new year is always an opportunity to turn a new page, so expect a more straightforward path. Because there’s so much to get excited about. On the street, yes, but it looks like Puma is pushing a car on the street and we are very excited about this model.

Here’s what we found out while talking to Puma at an ongoing event in Austin, Texas. For an in-depth look at all the shoes, be sure to connect with our YouTube manager for a review with Todd Folker, Senior Product Line Manager for Puma’s Performance Running Division.

New Puma Shoes 2023

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SURPRISE FEATURES: The first version of this shoe is something Molly wore in Tokyo, and it’s hard to give a better endorsement than third place versus the world’s best. Although Fast-R is available to athletes, you can still see the most elite Puma riding on the Deviate Elite.

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While we really like this shoe as a pacing trainer (especially at this $200 price point), we think they fall short on race day. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great shoe, because it is. The new version has some small improvements but overall looks quite similar to its predecessor.

New Puma Shoes 2023

The main differences are the updated carbon fiber plate (PWRPLATE), which is now a spatula with longitudinal spikes on the forefoot (see below), and an asymmetrical heel. The plate had previously split in the forefoot, and Puma found that unstable separation sometimes caused athletes to lie on their backs. The new PWRPLATE has a straighter and squarer front for a wider base. Obviously, the idea is like a thumb and snap. According to the plaque, the shoes also have better grip for quicker transitions.

Puma Mb.02

They also reduced the toecap, so instead of the rounder and wider design of the first version, you get a more traditional dart-like look.

New Puma Shoes 2023

Like the first version, the shoe features a full Nitro Elite midsole, a blend of Puma Peba’s supercritical foam.

The good news is that these shoes still cost $200, which is too fair for what you get. That’s a bargain compared to the upcoming Under Armor Velociti Elite, which costs $50 more. he wouldn’t be the first choice for a marathon.

New Puma Shoes 2023

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CATEGORY FEATURES: We’re pretty big fans of the original Liberate Nitro, especially since it’s one of the pricier shoes ($110), but it’s still fun and easy to go faster.

It’s based on a shoe that’s light paced and will likely stay in range. And by light weight, we mean light weight, only 6.8 ounces for the US M9. They seem to have fixed some of the shoe’s issues, including a softer and more supportive upper. The V1’s upper is a bit stiff and scratchy, with no heel support, so we’re happy to see that.

New Puma Shoes 2023

The Nitro foam in this version is also stiffer, so we’ll see how it feels when running. Thankfully we still have the Pumagrip sole, which is awesome. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself a fun day shoe for as little as $110 (according to the spec sheet, even though Running Events tells us $130, so don’t let it go). one of those numbers falls into your hands). We like it very much.

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SPECIAL FEATURES: Puma likes to call this shoe the Plateless Deviate, and it’s actually one of the most exciting Puma 2023 shoes, thanks to a significant upgrade to the midsole. Where the first version featured a Nitro layer on top of an EVA layer, Magnify Nitro 2 is actually a space filled with Nitro foam, 40mm to be exact. Ideally, this will make for a more comfortable ride for those miles.

New Puma Shoes 2023

Another positive is that it reduces weight and can weigh less than 10 ounces even at full pillow state. It also features a Pumagrip outsole and a mesh upper built with a molded heel inside and out.

SPECIFIC CATEGORY: Forever and Nitro are Puma’s flagship line of stability shoes and provide instruction in a variety of ways, some traditional, some not.

New Puma Shoes 2023

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Instead of a full Nitro midsole, you get a two-piece version with a stiffer edge and softer core for a gentle and responsive landing, but with more construction on the outside to keep you moving. Puma also partnered with specialty shoe retailers from Denmark to develop a more specialized orthopedic midsole that wraps around the heel and provides more support.

Additional stabilizing elements include PWR TAPE support on the sides and midsole, as well as a TPU heel support clip. However, your feet should have no problem standing still. The shape of the levers helps with the transition. The entire Runguide USA M9 system comes in a fairly lightweight package under 10 ounces.

New Puma Shoes 2023

SPECIAL FEATURES: We first saw this shoe at one of its first iterations last year’s Boston Marathon weekend, and it sure was wild. While some brands like Mizuno cut the heels of their running shoes, Puma goes in the opposite direction with a bold cut toe. Wait, it also includes an upside down heel.

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The midsole includes a Nitro foam sole and lacing, but is a sturdier version of the other Puma shoes. A more flexible full PWRPLATE sits inside and is lined with Peba foam as well as a Peba sole. As far as we know, there are only a handful of shoes that use this sole strategy, and we can only think of the Tracksmith Eliot Runner and the Nike Streakfly (maybe the Saucony Endorphin Pro?).

New Puma Shoes 2023

It’s designed primarily for 5K and distance, so it’s a very utility shoe and probably what Puma targets primarily for elite athletes. Honestly, given Puma’s track record with custom templates, we’d be surprised if they’re available soon. In fact, they said at the Running event that it would have limited distribution. Good luck getting a partner.

At 6.7oz (191g), this is the lightest shoe in Puma’s stable of shoes (it can’t beat the Liberate Nitro 2).

New Puma Shoes 2023

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CATEGORY FEATURES: Honestly, we didn’t like this shoe last year, but it’s the shoe of 2023, so it’s on this list. The Run XX is a shoe designed for women, which means they take a lot of data from female athletes and turn it into a shoe specifically for their body type.

This means a narrow heel and increased midfoot, alongside more stability (something women seem to want, though not our ladies here at Believe in the Run). The stability aspect comes into play with a step guide called RunGuide.

New Puma Shoes 2023

Last year’s version was heavier and stiffer to ride, two things that are often underestimated and especially in this shoe. Neither Meaghan nor Adrienne liked to wear these shoes because of both of them. While it’s not too heavy on paper, it just feels too much when running.

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The bad news is that Run XX is almost like a shoe,

New Puma Shoes 2023

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