New Pumas 2023

New Pumas 2023 – Puma announced the release of the next edition of the Future line. The line, which aims to bring football into the future, will be presented at a special event called “” in Paris.

Hosted by Neymar Jr. The launch event will be an opportunity for candidates from around the world to play alongside the Brazilian superstar with the aim of becoming PUMA ambassadors for 2023.

New Pumas 2023

New Pumas 2023

Future is a symbol of innovation and technology in football. This shoe aims to push the limits of what’s possible on the field while maintaining a stylish look. It features a radical new design designed for maximum flexibility. This new version features an innovative FUZIONFIT360 dual mesh upper and PUMA’s exclusive PWRTAPE technology for improved support and space-age fit.

Staple Atmos Puma Suede Vtg Black Pink Release Date

The introduction of PWRTAPE technology is an exciting innovation. The positioning of the PWRTAPE is based on pressure data collected by measuring the pressure forces on the top of the boot during several key football movements including acceleration, running, cutting and kicking.

New Pumas 2023

PWRTAPE is integrated in a zig-zag pattern to provide targeted support in high pressure areas. It provides our athletes with the best support for ultimate lockdown, so you can move without restriction while making critical movements on the field.

3D textures are incorporated into key contact areas to improve grip and ball control when passing, dribbling and finishing. The Future also features an innovative two-piece plate for optimal traction and durability. Dual Density Mobility System exterior features PEBAX structure in the heel for stability and explosive energy transfer, flexible TPU structure in the forefoot for added flexibility when changing direction. Combined with the lightweight NanoGrip insole, this technology minimizes foot slippage in the shoe, allowing power to be transferred for truly explosive movement.

New Pumas 2023

Puma Mb.02 Lunar New Year Release Details

The future continues. I want a shoe that feels comfortable and allows me to move quickly in all directions. The new Future feels even more supportive and responsive, helping me make quick cuts while dribbling the ball so I can play seamlessly,

It’s also a great moment to unveil the new shoe, looking to the future of the game, giving anyone the opportunity to compete in our future challenge of becoming a member of the PUMA family.

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New Pumas 2023

The PUMA FUTURE Supercharge Edition is now available for pre-order at, PUMA stores and football retailers. FUTURE is released worldwide on January 19. PUMA has focused more on collaborative projects in recent memory. He ended 2022 with a double-edged sneaker capsule with JJJound, recently debuted his second Team Drop with Dapper Dan and created a limited-edition Lunar New Year jersey capsule with Manchester City, and now has a slate back with Staples and Ambience. A new collection of shoes and clothes.

All New Puma Future Ultimate Boots Released

Japan-based retailer streetwear imprint Jeff Staple and German sportswear imprint have teamed up to bring their focus to the new PUMA Suede VTG, pullover hoodie and tee. Kicks are the main line of the collection. Sporting a folded leather construction with a brown background, the shoes are worn in a mismatched fashion as the right shoe is lined in black and the left pair is dressed in bold pink branding. STAPLE’s signature dove logo is emblazoned on the lateral heel, enhanced by a sultry black suede overlay and sole. The shoes are accompanied by a black graphic tee and a gray sweatshirt, both highlighted by co-branding on the left chest and a global image on the back.

New Pumas 2023

Check out the full collection in the gallery above and stay tuned for the Tokyo results release on January 19.

For its first Sans-Michel collection, the Gucci team is “ready” with Tom Ford’s Y2K era, the ’80s and the return of the OG house cushion. We may receive compensation when you click on links to these products. The opinions and information presented on this website are the original editorial content of Sneaker News.

New Pumas 2023

Puma Launches Ultra 1.3 Soccer Boot

If you haven’t been following Skepta on social media for the past year and a half, you’ve probably missed the English and Nike icon. The 40-year-old signed a deal with PUMA as a global ambassador in September 2022, which explains why she’ll be out promoting the brand’s VELOPHASIS bionic silhouette at Paris Fashion Week 2023.

Revealed via Instagram and confirmed by an official press release, PUMA VELOPHASIS is the latest franchise in the German sportswear imprint. Featuring bionic and stepped offerings, the lifestyle shoe line draws inspiration from early eras, combining performance advances from the turn of the century with Y2K style trends. The result is a signature heavy mesh, comfortable and affordable footwear line as big as a big smoke.

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New Pumas 2023

The PUMA VELOPHASIS level is the more affordable of the two options above, arriving at retailers with a price tag of $130 USD. The asymmetric upper features honeycomb patterned mesh, textured overlays and a slim single unit that pays homage to the brand’s entire line from the 2000s (specifically the Facesis model). At a quick glance, the VELOPHASIS looks similar to the Bionic, but its higher MSRP of $150 USD helps make up some of the difference. A platform-focused sneaker, the Bionic calls back to Puma’s Velosis tribute with a first-of-its-kind colorway offering a refined, contemporary aesthetic.

Mexican Club Pumas Opt To Terminate Dani Alves’ Contract After His Arrest Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Sneaker News has emailed the brand to clarify whether the “Passed” and “Bionic” options are permanent fixtures or refer to regular and special editions of the respective Puma Veloface models. However, the brand did not respond before this story went live. It’s like Puma didn’t exist until this was done. Seriously, they showed up in 2021 with a statement that brought them back into the conversation. With a flagship line of Velocity Nitro, Deviate Nitro and Liberate Nitro, they gave us a reliable set of shoes at a reasonable price.

New Pumas 2023

The Super Critical Nitro midsole provided a responsive ride that embraced the simple joy of running. They didn’t stop there, updating these models to concurrent versions, fixing things that didn’t work, and maintaining things that did. Oh, and he also put running shoes (the Deviat Nitro Elite) on Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist Molly Seidel.

That said, perhaps no company struggled more than Puma during the Covid logistics debacle. For the better part of a year, the shoes would be sold randomly and then disappear. After Molly’s performance in Tokyo, the deviant Nitro Elite bus is… nowhere to be found. for a long time. Then there was the Fast-R, the next generation of racing, again sold out, but apparently available at some point.

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New Pumas 2023

Puma Brings Back The Retro Look With The Velophasis Sneakers

Disappointment aside, most people with pairs of feet were very happy with their experience with the shoes. Lightweight, comfortable, fast, and with a rubber outsole that might be the best in the game, Puma has all the pieces. It just brings them out regularly.

A new year is always a chance to turn over a new leaf, so expect a more linear path in the future. Because there are many things to worry about. On the road, yes, but Puma seems to be making a strong push on the track as well, and we’re equally happy with these models.

New Pumas 2023

This is what we know from a conversation with Puma at the race event in Austin, Texas. For a more in-depth look at all of the footwear, be sure to visit our YouTube channel with Todd Faulker, Senior Product Line Manager of Puma’s Performance Running Division.

Front Row At Puma Futrograde Rtw Spring 2023 [photos]

Special features: The first version of this shoe that Molly wore for Tokyo, it’s hard to support better than third place against the world’s best. Even with the Fast-R available for athletes, you’ll still see Puma’s Elite go with most of the deflection elites.

New Pumas 2023

While we really like the shoe as a trainer (especially at that $200 price point), we think it falls short for us on race day. But that’s not to say it’s not a great shoe, because it is. The new version has minor improvements, but overall, it is very similar to its predecessor.

The main change comes in the form of a modified carbon fiber plate (PWRPLATE), which is now a single spoon-type plate with vertical spikes at the front (see below) and a non-regular rear. The back plate is split at the top and Puma found that its athletes sometimes split due to the unstable nature of the split. The new PWRPLATE has a straight and square tread for wider base pushing. Obviously the intention behind this is to go further and jump off the track. Along with the plate, the shoe also comes with a better roll

New Pumas 2023

Puma Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2023 New York

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