New Tents 2023

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The desert can be quiet and refreshing in the winter, but only if you have the right gear. This year, we’ve got new and updated winter shelters hitting the market – each with a different style of adventure – and we’ve been hard at work testing them.

New Tents 2023

New Tents 2023

We used a nationwide network of testers to clear the stands. They live in a variety of habitats, each of which provides a unique testing ground—the dry, rocky mountains of southern Utah, the moist, dense forests of Appalachia, and the rolling hills of Alaska.

The Best Camping Tents For Outdoor Adventure

Our testers come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities, from small campers to mini campers. Visiting different people’s stalls ensures that we get different views and opinions. We ask everyone to consider factors such as strength, ventilation, performance, protection and usability, always considering the purpose of each tent. Through this process, we discover how Tentacle can be used to its full potential (and what not), and more importantly, where and how Tentacle can be used.

New Tents 2023

Willie has been writing about outdoor tents and testing for Backpacker and Outdoors magazine since 2015. In different situations, he believes that the most important thing in a tent is how you feel – a good tent should make you feel at home, regardless of the weather. and conditions.

The double-walled HotBox offers excellent stability and airflow at a significant weight. Bad weather bill credit goes to rain gutters, sink floors and snow cover. Meanwhile, durability comes from 12 eyelash points, two perimeter draw points, and full-length poles, which we think is essential when navigating snow, ice, and winter winds. On a trip through Arizona’s snow-covered Coconio National Forest, the Hotbox stood up to winds of up to 30 miles per hour thanks to 9.3mm aluminum poles and a 20-denier nylon Ripstop sheet and floor. Breathability is also effective – our testers at Talkeetnas experienced condensation-free nights despite temperatures in the mid-teens. “If you want a tent out of the weather, this is for you,” says former Backpacker Gear editor Eli Bernstein after driving through the rain in southwest Greenland. At just three pounds and four ounces (with DAC swivel clips), the HotBox is incredibly light for winter camping, but that luxury comes at the cost of some creature comforts. The tent’s 26.8 square foot interior offers plenty of room for shoulder-to-shoulder sleeping with two three-square compartments (one diagram accessible from the inside) and eight small interior pockets for storing small items such as dry goods. Bags, boots or clothes, but not much else. Testers are divided on the design of the vestibule. Many winter tents do not have a vestibule, so some have embraced the innovation. Others were disappointed by the size and location of the vestibule on either side of the pavilion rather than at the entrance. “After you put your boots in the vestibule for night protection, you have to get them into the tent and put them on the sleeping bag and walk out the front door, splashing water and mud along the way,” a Bernstein said. Although the noise is strong, the pole sleeve system uses a lot of plastic fasteners and a carbon handle that can be difficult to grip while wearing winter gloves. Despite these minor flaws, this tent is a great choice for winter backpacking.

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New Tents 2023

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This two-person two-wall Eureka does what not many winter tents do: it offers a generous 35 square feet of interior living space and two 14-square-foot interior canopies, all at a very reasonable price. After a trip to Chugach State Park in Alaska, Dorn Van Dommelen, an emphatic potato, described the interior as “large, with more than enough space for two campers and not crowded.” Four internal storage pockets organize small items. And the 43-inch height is plenty for a medium-sized and below-average weight tent that will allow you to sit while changing clothes. In addition, the El Capitan provides all the bad weather protection you need during the winter, including a 150 denier polyester floor with a 5000mm waterproof coating and a 75 denier polyester hull with a 2000mm coating. These bulky materials held up well against freezing rain and withstood 30 mph winds. However, they make the tent difficult – it is heavy and packs the equivalent of five Nalgenes. Two aluminum poles cross El Capitan’s dome-shaped pitch, and four allow you to sit in windy conditions or stabilize comfort on uneven ground. High-low ventilation, including large panels that can be opened to improve air flow, provided effective ventilation on cold nights. Note: Plastic fly clips make the sound easier, but not as good for durability.

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Perhaps the most unique feature of this tent is that it does not use poles; Instead, it is inflated with Dacron tubing. It doesn’t compromise on weight or space: The tent weighs 14 pounds, covers a queen-size air mattress, and requires a large hand pump, which means it’s best towed in the snow. But once in camp, the Cave XL is quickly prepared. “After we attached the pump to the tent, it was about 45 seconds,” says Ted Baird, salesman. And our testers were happy not to touch the poles while wearing thick gloves. Like poles, inflatable tubes cross the surface to create a strong dome that can handle winds of up to 20 mph and won’t collapse under two inches of fresh snow.

New Tents 2023

Otherwise, the name says it all: the Cave XL is built with double walls to accommodate people and gear, and its unique design and structure helps winter campers handle waves comfortably. The three-seat interior offers a generous 58 square feet of living space and best-in-class headroom at 44 inches. “The three of us were lying side by side with plenty of space between our shoulders,” reports Bird from Grand Mesa, Colorado. The spacious living area also allowed us to store our gear inside, which was important since we had no outside cover.

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Five tall vents keep fresh air circulating and prevent condensation after a cold night. A 70 denier nylon floor (with a 5000mm waterproof layer) keeps the inside bone dry when camping directly on snow – no ground pads required. Organization was easy thanks to twelve pockets, five hanging loops and a small front door vest that could hold wet boots. The bathroom floor and the boy’s line rims are icing on the cake.

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New Tents 2023

It is strong enough to withstand winter conditions, but be careful when blowing poles. Make sure the valves are tightly closed. One night in Colorado, our testers had their tent slowly slide and fall apart due to an extended shutter cover. In winter conditions, we recommend bringing a small button to help you when your fingers get cold. The high-density polyester air struts are designed to last in the rear, but their arms require repair to prevent the worst.

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New Tents 2023

Best Solo Tents For Backpacking 2023

Why Bag Tarps Proliferate by Jacob Schiller Why Bag Tarps? Super Cold By: Zoe Gates Backpacking A high-end tent is one of the best ways to add comfort, safety and fun to your trip. But when you’re in the market for a new tent, you’ll quickly discover that there are plenty of options.

Our team of experts have tested countless tents around the world to bring you this list of the best packing tents on the market. We hope you find our tips useful and have a great time on your next trip!

New Tents 2023

Check out this quick list of our favorite backpacks or keep scrolling for our full list of in-depth reviews.

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Weight – Your tent will be one of the heaviest items in your pack, so it’s important to keep the weight to a minimum. Lightweight tents tend to be a bit more expensive and less durable, but if properly maintained, they can last thousands of miles and decades.

New Tents 2023

Zpacks Duplex & Triplexare are perfect for travelers who want to keep their weight as low as possible.

Price – We are willing to spend a little more for quality tents that are usually priced lower

New Tents 2023

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