New York Giants Roster 2023

New York Giants Roster 2023 – FOXBOROUGH, MA – OCTOBER 10: Daniel Jones #8 of the New York Giants works out before the game … [+] against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on October 10, 2019 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Billy Weiss/Getty Images)

The trade deadline came and went on Tuesday, and Giants general manager Joe Schoen made no moves to improve the team’s improbable 6-2 record in his first year. In fact, his only move was to land Kadarius Toney in exchange for a future pick. He understands what some fans are confused about.

New York Giants Roster 2023

New York Giants Roster 2023

“I understand the train of thought there,” Schoen said at a news conference Tuesday. “This step is the best for the organization. And we’ll continue to watch and we’ll continue to add players to the roster, practice squad. Also, the rookie class – I’m proud of those guys. We are currently in fourth place in the rookie season. I think we get a lot of input from those guys. They will continue to improve. We did the research. I think that’s a testament to the coaching staff, I wasn’t involved. We lead the league with 12 players who were absent before (before) September who played offensively and defensively for us. Will (guard) Jalen Smith, (cornerback Fabian) Moreau, (guard) Tear Phillips start on the right.

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“The testimony of our coaching staff; we bring new players and they have to stay here for a while to prepare these players to play. Most of them have played successful football for us. Also, the team. It is a big job to identify these players, to make a training team and these players have filled in wonderfully and helped us to reach where we’re at. I’m going to be missed. in some of the lists we’ve been trying to put in.”

New York Giants Roster 2023

But beyond the question of who will be a part of the 2022 playoffs, the decision-making by Schoen and company reflects a long-term commitment to making New York a successful team.

“You have to step back and evaluate the list honestly,” Schoen said. “You don’t get caught, ‘Hey, we won the game,’ but we were down 17-3 at one point in the game. You have to go back and see what it is. Again, there are a lot of situations where you look and maybe you don’t have a lot of depth or maybe we’re a little bit older or a lot of the future in a three-to-four-year window. — you always analyze it — or what’s better this year. We’ve talked to other teams about guys who are out of contract this year. Also, obviously the value is a little bit lower with guys who are out of contract in the next year or two. So, you take all of these situations into account. when you have a conversation. But then, if it makes sense, the players are not available.”

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New York Giants Roster 2023

New York Giants Madden 23 Roster

Also, note that the focus was on players with expiring contracts. The Giants being 6-2 means there are elements of a Giants team that Schoen wants to add to his structure, and he creates room to add players he needs in the years after 2022.

All of this makes his comments about potential contract extensions for quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley, each in the final season of their current deals, very interesting.

New York Giants Roster 2023

“Yes, we’re going to have those meetings this week,” Schoen said of the contract extension test. “We will talk about it if we want (to do something). We had to get through the trade deadline today and those negotiations. We will be going around with some strategic meetings as we move forward in terms of a contract extension whether or not we can get someone. If I did, it would be this week. I would like to entertain him during the week and maybe do nothing after that. I don’t want anything to distract the players or the organization. So if we do anything, it will be one of our guys before Monday. I don’t say that but when we have a conversation.

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All of this means that for Barkley and Jones, anything that calls for them to avoid hitting the open market will meet with the Giants in the next 72 hours or not. In any case, they’ve built a resume over the years that will put them at or near the top of the free agency market for key skill positions.

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New York Giants Roster 2023

So basically, the Giants can wait for them in free agency, but barring injuries, it’s hard to imagine their prices dropping between now and then. Joe Schoen basically tells us over the next 72 hours how he sees the Giants 2023 and whether Jones and Barkley are part of his vision. Overall position number 1

We’ve reached the top 10 players in our list of the New York Giants ’90s men. Let’s discuss each of these players, all of whom should be very important to the success or failure of the Giants in 2022.

New York Giants Roster 2023

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No. 10, Aziz Ojulari – You could argue that this could be too much for Ojulari. However, I look at the 20-11 list and I don’t see anyone who had a better season in 2021 or 2022. It is very important to the Giants and – perhaps more importantly – more important to the future of the team.

Ojulari was overshadowed by the Kiwon Thibodeau draft, but he had a great rookie season and should continue to improve. Does that mean his overall rating, 8.0 as a rookie, will go up? Maybe not, but it can have a total effect.

New York Giants Roster 2023

No. 9, Blake Martinez – It’s impossible to quantify how much the Giants missed Martinez after suffering a torn ACL in Week 3 of 2021, but there’s no question they miss him. He is a defensive mind in the middle of the field and a player the Giants rely on to play in the middle of the defensive seven.

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No. 8, Adoree’ Jackson – I doubt Jackson’s ability to handle No. 1 corner duties in a good defense. However, the Giants want to be the No. For better or worse, Jackson is important to this team. It’s really important.

New York Giants Roster 2023

No. 7, Evan Neal – The Giants have been trying to fix their offensive line for almost a decade. Neil, along with Andrew Thomas, represent their best long-term prospects. Being who most people think he is, Joe Schoen has taken a giant step toward accomplishing what Jerry Reese and Dave Gettleman couldn’t.

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No. 6, Kevon Thibodeaux – Schoen took Thibodeaux, a talent who has divided NFL scouts with his off-field antics and some questionable moments. There’s no doubt that Thibodeaux has the potential to be the best pass rusher since Jason Pierre-Paul in the early years of the Giants. For Schoen and the Giants, a lot depends on whether that happens.

New York Giants Roster 2023

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No. 5, Andrew Thomas – Whether or not you believe Thomas should be the No. 4 pick in 2020 is irrelevant to his importance to the Giants. He’s a quality, up-and-coming player on the left, and his place here shows how good a player I think he’s gotten and how important he is to the future of the Giants.

No. 4, Xavier McKinney – Logan Ryan, James Bradbury and Jabrill Peppers are gone. It is now second to McKinney. After a rookie season hampered by a foot injury, McKinney showed last season that he is a rising star. By the end of the year, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if McKinney is considered the Giants’ best defensive player.

New York Giants Roster 2023

No. 3, Leonard Williams – Williams is the best defensive player right now. He’s a great player, maybe even better than his sack/team numbers sometimes indicate.

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No. 2, Saquon Barkley – There are a lot of questions about Barkley. However, no other player on the roster has shown the ability to impact the ball game the way Barkley can when he’s in good shape.

New York Giants Roster 2023

Can you still reach that level? Are you still a great player? Can he stay healthy? How hard will it be for the Giants to decide long term whether or not to keep him?

#1, Daniel Jones – Does this mean I see Jones as the best player on the list? No. That means I consider it the most important. Finishing once the Giants advance

New York Giants Roster 2023

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