Public Holidays New York 2023

Public Holidays New York 2023 – From 2023 Diwali will be a public school holiday in New York. “When we recognize Diwali, we encourage children to learn about Diwali,” says Mayor Eric Adams.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul (2nd from right) with other dignitaries during the Diwali celebration in New York, USA. | Photo: PTI

Public Holidays New York 2023

Public Holidays New York 2023

In 2023 will kick off Diwali in New York City, and Mayor Eric Adams says it sends a message about the importance of inclusion in the city, a “long overdue” move to encourage children to learn about the festival of lights.

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Adams, joined by Rep. Jenifer Rajkumar of New York and New York Schools Chancellor David Banks said Thursday during campaign talks that they are “learning a lot” about Diwali and what the festival of lights means.

Public Holidays New York 2023

The UN headquarters in New York lit up for the first time to greet people on the occasion of Diwali. File Photo | Photo: PTI

After declaring Diwali a public holiday in New York City Public Schools, he said, “We wanted to send a loud and clear message to the many people who recognize this festive season.

Public Holidays New York 2023

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“At the same time, it is a teaching moment because by recognizing Diwali, we encourage children to learn about Diwali. We will start by talking about what it means to celebrate the festival of lights and how to turn on the light within you,” he said.

Indian Consul General Randhir Jaiswal in New York thanked Adams for the Diwali school holiday.

Public Holidays New York 2023

“This has been a long-standing request of the Indian-American community. The recognition gives a deeper meaning to New York’s diversity and pluralism, while allowing people from all walks of life to experience, celebrate and enjoy the Indian ethos and heritage,” he said. said

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Rajkumar, the first South Asian American woman elected to New York state office, said she was proud that “our time has come. More than 2,00,000 New Yorkers of the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain faiths celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. , it’s time to confess

Public Holidays New York 2023

Mr Adams said: “When we’re faced with so much darkness around us, we don’t realize how much light there is around us. And when we take this time to acknowledge Diwali, we’re acknowledging the light within us, the light that can clearly drive out the darkness and that’s why it’s so meaningful.”

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“We do this with so many other days and so many other cultures that we recognize. It’s long past time to tell our Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist students and communities that we see you, we recognize you. The inclusiveness of this city is so extraordinary, and it is our chance to say it out loud.

Public Holidays New York 2023

New York City Begins 2023 Preparations

Over the years, the Hindu community has increasingly called for Diwali to be declared a school holiday, as hundreds of thousands of Indians live in the area. The law will make Diwali a school holiday in New York starting next year.

Rajkumar noted that people have been saying that New York’s school calendar doesn’t have enough room for the Diwali school vacation. This week, Rajkumar introduced legislation to make room for Diwali in the state capital’s school calendar. He said his legislation would abolish Jubilee Day, a “dark and old-fashioned” day created in the 19th century to replace Diwali, which “New Yorkers are increasingly celebrating.”

Public Holidays New York 2023

“Once this is done, the New York Department of Education can add Diwali holidays to the school calendar,” he said, adding that he introduced this bill, all South Asian and Indo-Caribbean news. The Yorks are sitting at the table.

Diwali Will Become An Official Holiday On School Calendars In New York City

According to New York State education law, the school must be in school for at least 180 days. However, in order to meet this minimum requirement of 180 days, no more holiday days may be added to the school calendar.

Public Holidays New York 2023

Rajkumar said that apart from the outdated jubilee school holiday that no one ignores, there is room in his legislation for the Diwali school holiday, which also meets the minimum requirement of 180 days of school instruction.

He thanked Adams for his support and said it was the first time in the city’s history that a mayor had committed to the Diwali school holiday.

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Public Holidays New York 2023

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“For more than two decades, South Asians and Indo-Caribbeans in New York have fought for Diwali school holidays. I stand on the shoulders of these advocates. And now we are finally realizing that goal,” he said.

“Next week we celebrate Diwali, good versus evil, light versus dark, the ability to defeat people, the example of Rama defeating evil. To all New Yorkers, we celebrate the harmony, love and tolerance of Hindu religions.

Public Holidays New York 2023

“The same Hindu principles that inspired America’s great civil rights hero, Martin Luther King, celebrate our culture’s place in our country’s great civil rights tradition. The sky is the limit for our community,” he said.

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Mr. Banks said the whole world lives in New York, and children from all communities and families go to school here.

Public Holidays New York 2023

“And it’s important to honor and recognize all our young people. So recognizing Diwali is a new opportunity for us to start celebrating, uplifting and honoring these young people, their families and their faith. Celebrating light, the victory of light over darkness, is very important,” said J . Banks. The Christmas season in New York is a very special time, the atmosphere is indescribable; you will be amazed by the different lights and magical decorations. For Americans, Christmas is an important holiday and they decorate their homes. This shows their enthusiasm. Every year, a giant Christmas tree is lit in Rockefeller Center, and Fifth Avenue the shop windows are beautifully decorated!If you are in New York at Christmas, there are many things you can do to enjoy the atmosphere.

Christmas lights decorating American homes are unique. If you want to see extravagantly decorated houses (of course you know them from TV shows and movies), you should not stay in Manhattan, but go to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. This affluent neighborhood has also been voted “America’s Best Decorated Neighborhood.” Take the 3.5-hour Brooklyn Christmas Lights Tour in Dyker Heights and see beautifully lit and decorated homes.

Public Holidays New York 2023

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The tour starts in Midtown, where the guided bus goes to Brooklyn. Once you get to Dyker Heights, you won’t believe what you see! Some luxury pieces cost more than $10,000. Christmas movies and carols play on the bus to keep the Christmas atmosphere going.

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Eric’s Tip: If you’re in New York at Christmas, this tour is a must. You see the house as you know it from the American series. There is plenty of time to take pictures along the way and the scenery will amaze you. This tour will put you in the Christmas spirit. Please note that this is very popular, so it is best to book in advance.

Public Holidays New York 2023

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular with The Rockettes is one of New York’s most iconic Christmas shows. This includes Santa Claus, the Nutcracker and of course nativity. From the beginning of November you can visit one of the many daytime shows. If you’ve seen the show once, you can definitely go again, because every year the show is a little different. It takes place at Radio City Music Hall and is truly the best way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Well, really get into the Christmas spirit on this New York Christmas cruise. Enjoy this 20th century. A vintage yacht from the 1920s, hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas carols performed by a live band as you cruise the Manhattan skyline.

Public Holidays New York 2023

Rockefeller Center’s famous Christmas tree is an attraction in itself. Trees must be at least 20 meters high and about 7.5 meters wide, but usually much taller (23-27 meters). The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree will be erected in mid-November. It is decorated with 5 miles of twinkling lights that are lit in a public ceremony on Thanksgiving Wednesday. This year, the tree lighting ceremony will take place on November 29. Read about the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremonies here. Lights out in January. The tree is lit every day from 06:00 to 00:00 and 24 hours during Christmas. On New Year’s Eve, the lights go out at 9:00 p.m.

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Public Holidays New York 2023

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